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Bullying….what can I say?


It seems everyone is jumping on this issue these days. Kids kill themselves due to it and the crazier ones bring guns to school to do something about it.

Honestly though, this goes back to my first blog about weaklings. If your kid get bullied and you know about it, then fucking do something!!!!!!!! My kid was getting bullied and you know what I did? Got her into boxing lessons at a gym. She is bullied NO MORE! As a matter of fact she has taken a role of helping others who get bullied (I think she just wants to fight more but hey whatever).

When I was growing up, I had some hippy parents who told me fighting was not the answer (man) and I just needed to walk away. I swear I was adopted. I started watching boxing on TV, went to the wrestling coach for pointers, and proceeded to stand up for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I got my ass KICKED a lot at first, but you know what? I never LET them hurt me anymore. Eventually I started winning and they stopped. I stomped the bullies out a few more times for revenge and called the whole thing even.

It’s not hard to win against bullying, you just gotta get that pansy ass shit outta your system and do something! I did…..


What’s happened to this world?

This is my first writing on WordPress. I expect none to know of my existence nor claim to be a literary genius. I write my frustrations on here (run on sentences and all) to get them out and if anyone reads, then so be it.


What happened to this world?

What do you mean, you ask? I mean when did this world get so pussy-whipped? When did we all start empathizing with each other instead of dominating the weak? When did we stop weeding out the weak and throwing them aside? Now we have advocacy groups to protect them. When did we stop speaking our minds and start becoming so fucking PC?

In times of old, babies were killed if they were sickly or abnormal. The strongest survived. The weak were swept aside. Now we have a world that is overpopulated with weak lady-men and no one is allowed to say anything about them without someone calling you an insensitive asshole.

Well thats all I have to say. This world is weak. Fragile. This is world has turned into a fucking woman.